Martin Zebracki – Photo credit: Sjoerd van Leeuwen – All rights reserved

Martin Zebracki – Photo credit: Sjoerd van Leeuwen – All rights reserved

I am a cultural geographer who is captivated with studying and articulating the relationships between the world as habitat of human beings and human beings as organisers and meaning-makers of the world. How do people construct places and how do places over time construct people’s behaviour and the meanings they attach to their environment?

I am an ambitious and passionate scholar analytically specialised in the whys and hows of art in urban public space, where I juxtapose the perceptions and experiences of public art’s producers to those of its ‘consumers’: residents, passers-by and sightseers. I have a long-standing relationship with both geography and art. For me, geography embraces a canvas for experiencing and hence ‘drawing’ the world, and in so doing it rests on an innate relationship with art, as does the geographer coexist with the artist.

I hold an honours BSc degree (Cum Laude), an MSc degree by Research (Summa Cum Laude) and a PhD degree in Human Geography and Urban and Regional Planning, which I obtained from Utrecht University in 2005, 2007 and 2012, respectively. In 2006, I attended graduate research courses in geography and art history at the University of Florida. I was teaching assistant in Human Geography at Utrecht University and in Social Statistics at the University of Florida.

From 2007 through 2011, I conducted PhD research on the interrelationships between art, public space and people at Utrecht University. During this research, I supervised the theses of various honours Bachelor and Master’s students, in whom I endeavoured to instil enthusiasm for conducting multidisciplinary research. In 2007-2011, I also gave diverse courses and lectures in cultural geography at Utrecht University and the international Utrecht Summer School.

I held the positions of Lecturer and Postdoctoral Researcher in Cultural Geography at Wageningen University (’12-/’13), Utrecht University (’13), and Vrije Universiteit Brussel (’13). I was, moreover, Academic Advisor at University College Utrecht (’11-’13), the international undergraduate honours college of Utrecht University. Currently, I am Lecturer / Assistant Professor in the School of Geography at the University of Leeds. I hold several academic reviewing and editing positions and have published various academic and professional articles in the field of cultural geography. Moreover, I have contributed to several international conferences in terms of presentations and special sessions.